DAE BAK BON GA [vancouver]

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Dae Bak Bon Ga
Address: 201-1323 Robson Street, Vancouver
Tel: (604) 683-9298
Date Visited: 04.2017
Will Return: Maybe
Price: $$
All you can eat kbbq! I’ve been here quite often in the past but haven’t visited in the couple years, I came back this time for their all you can eat! Service here is polite, and the interior is nice and clean. Food wise everything is pretty good considering it’s all you can eat and super inexpensive! In the past I just visited for their regular menus which I would also recommend!

AYCE All-You-Can-Eat Happy Hour 3pm-5pm ($18) 
1.5 hour for ordering, can stay longer to eat.

*Rating the side dishes because you order them, don’t fill yourself up with the bad ones!

Korean Miso Soup 
Recommend: Maybe
Rating: 3.5/5
Has that doenjang taste, quite different from Japanese miso soup.

Recommend: Yes
Rating: 4/5
Good amount of spice, great to put in your lettuce wraps!

Seasoned Bean Sprouts 
Recommend: Maybe
Rating: 3/5
They’re okay, but with all that food I just didn’t reach for it.

Sweet Potato 
Recommend: Yes
Rating: 4.5/5
My favourite! I finished all of this.

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Recommend: No
Rating: 0/5
Terrible, one bite and I was done.

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Sweet & Soup Dumplings 
Recommend: Yes
Rating: 4/5
Has that food court sweet & sour sauce but I still really enjoyed this! The dumpling is crispy and has lots of filling, I got a refill for this!

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Lettuce (+$3) 
Love making lettuce wraps with my bbq!

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Plain, Marinated, Spicy, Garlic, Green Tea, Curry, Seasoning Pork Belly
Recommend: No
Rating: 2.5/5
All of their flavours taste the same, plain. I’m pretty sure it’s because they just sprinkle some kind of coloured powder on the meat for each flavour? Also the pork belly here is frozen and very tough when cooked, get one portion if you must.

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Spicy + Marinated  Pork Steak 
Recommend: Yes
Rating: 3.5/5
Much more tender in comparison to the pork belly, well marinated.

Spicy + Marinated Pork Bulgogi
Recommend: Yes
Rating: 4/5
Exactly like the bulgogi you get at regular restaurant, flavourful!

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