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Panda Night Market 
Address: 12631 Vulcan Way, Richmond
Tel: 604-278-8000
Date Visited: 06.2016
Will Return: Yes
Price: $$

*Invited tasting, all opinions are my own, no monetary was compensation given*

Summers here, which means night markets!! I went to the duck one awhile back but didn’t have time to check out the Panda yet. Luckily I was invited by Chinesebites for a tasting tour! We sampled a whopping 25 items,  I’ll list my favourites first (not in order) and have the rest following.




Booth: Happy Lemon 
Item: Passionfruit Lemonade 
I’m usually not a fan of lemonade because it makes me thirstier as I drink, but this was different. It didn’t even have much lemon taste, plus its not overly sweet!

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Booth: Cheese Tarts
Item: Lavender Cheese Tart ($3)
Their regular cheese tarts were just okay, but the lavender one was amazing!! The tart was creamy with the perfect balance of cheese and lavender, a beautiful combination. I have to say this was my favourite out of everything I tried, if your a fan of lavender you’ll love this! It reminds me of the lavender cake from Trafiq, one of my all time favs.

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Booth: Shake Shake
Item: Watermelon Drink ($6)
You can’t go wrong with fresh, sweet, watermelon juice, together with the “smoking” presentation it lands a top spot!

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Booth: BBQ Squid 
Item: BBQ + Deep Fried Squid Mixed ($9)
Everyone at my table preferred the Sea Monster squid, but this was my personal favourite. The fried squid was average, but the BBQ squid was absolutely delicious! Different than your regular BBQ sauce it’s more sweet, and goes perfectly with the tender squid.

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Booth: Orr Street
Item: Lychee Green Tea ($5)
I usually only order black tea, so I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this. The green tea flavour was very light and balanced wonderfully with the fragrant lychee.

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Rest of the delicious food we had! 


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Booth: Ying Kee
Item: Original Bubble Waffle


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Booth: Be Fabulous 
Item: Layered Roti ($3.75) 

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Booth: Pie Pie Okonomiyaki 
Item: Chicken Okonomiyaki 
One of my friends favourites!

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Booth: Mr.Pretzels 
Item: Hot Dog ($4.50)
Hot dog wrapped in chewy pretzel, this was some peoples favourite of the night!

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Booth: Xin Jiang A Fan Ti Halal BBQ 
Item: Chicken + Lamb Skewers (prices on picture) 

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Booth: Cocoro
Item: Deep Fried Oreos ($6)

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Booth: Twist Potato, Korean Waffle 
Item: Garlic Mayo Twist Potato ($4.50), Custard Korean Waffle ($1.50)

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Booth: Top Dough 
Item: Czech Original Chimmy Cake ($7) 


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Booth: Shanghai Special 
Item: Pork Schnitzel 


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Booth: It’s Toasty
Item: Hong Kong French Toast 

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Booth: Mini Donuts
Item: Birthday Cake + Reese’s Mini Donuts ($5 a dozen)

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Booth: J&J Hurricane Potato Fries 
Item: Sour Cream & Onion Hurricane Potato ($4.50)

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Booth: TW Traditional Snacks
Item: Taiwanese Popcorn Chicken ($5)

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Booth: Totoro Bubble Tea
Item: Black Tea
I ate too much and now I can’t remember what we ordered T.T I feel like this was the passionfruit but I can’t be sure. Sorry!

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Booth: Mangoholic
Item: Fresh Mango Ice cream Shaved Ice ($6.50)
The guy at the booth was super nice and gave us a second scoop of ice cream after my friend dropped the first…Very sweet mangos!

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Booth: Sea Monster 
Item: Whole Squid ($10)

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